USB to Bluetooth Convert Adapter” USB2BT “


USB to Bluetooth Convert Adapter

ADU2B01  ADU2B01-3

The “USB2BT” is an easy-to-use adapter that converts USB to Bluetooth.

The USB HIDs that you are used to, such as USB keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.,
can be connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone, smartphone, or PC.
(Only USB keyboard supported on iPhone.)

The operation is easy, with no pairing button or pin code entry required.
Software updates are possible.

Product specification

World’s first touch-screen monitor compatible (on certain handsets with android 4.4 or above).
*As of this company’s research, Oct. 2014 
Supported systems:Android 4.0 or above / iOS(excluding iPhone3G, 1st and 2nd generation iPod touch) / Windows 7 or above / Max OSX / PS4
Connector: USB type-A connector (USB1.1 full-speed)
Wireless methods: Bloototh 2.1 EDR and above, HID Profile
Radio specification: depends on Bluetooth dongle.
Pairing method: Secure Simple Pairing method, with pairing always on.
Power: 5V (USB mini-B connector)
Oerating temperature limits:0 ~ 40℃ no condensation
Size:3in×1.1inx0.3in Protruding part not included
Weight:0.03lb 0.49oz
Country of manufacture:Japan

USB2BT manual

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