BitFerrous USB foot pedal for gamers’Tone pedal plus


Gamers’ hope, long-awaited classic guitar effector style

BitFerrous USB foot pedal for gamers  Tone pedal plus


USB connection type foot pedal, exactly looking like a guitar effector, now comes on sale. The body made of aluminum die cast, classical knobs and a cool rigid pedal switch are exactly like a classic stomp box used as a guitar effector.


A manful simplicity USB 2.0 1-Port Hub

In order to keep the appearance as a stomp box, it carries a single port for USB.
You can plug not only conventional USB devices such as a mouse, a keyboard and a card reader but also Rocksmith Real Tone Cable, USB soundboard and USB guitar into it.


4 presets in each of the two knobs make it possible to assign total 8 functions

There are 4 presets in each of the two knobs offering total 8 kinds of mouse, keyboard and Joypad functions.
You can switch TONE 1 and TONE 2 back and forth by the foot switch, and it performs preset operations.
Once an operation is set, it’s saved in the memory modules so that there is no need to change the setting when connecting to other computers.


A simple setting tool enables you to assign functions of mouse, keyboard and Joypad

Free setting tool Download
You can download a free Setting tool.

Operations are set by special Windows software with an intuitive interface so that anyone can set an operation easily.

Once setting is done using this software, it is compatible with other platforms such as Mac apart from Windows PC.
Each knob on the device has 4 presets. The following operations can be set on total 8 parts.
It is also possible to mix mouse, keyboard and Joypad functions.


<Mouse functions>
Left click/Right click/Double click/Wheel click, scrolling up and down

<Key board functions>
Assignment to an arbitrary key (including several keys e.g. Ctrl + an arbitrary key + an arbitrary key)

<Joypad functions>
POV-hat/Left and right analog sticks, button 1 to 13
* There is no button equivalent to PS button. For returning to “XMB” finishing the game or turning off or setting ID on the game pad, please also use a wireless controller, standard equipment of PlayStation®3.


 Product specification

<Product type number> BFTP01Y
<JAN code> 4562469770505
<Supported OS> Japanese OS:  DOS/V personal computers loaded with Windows8.1, Windows8, Windows7 and VistaTM
<Compatible models> Models equipped with standard USB ports and manufacturers guarantee the operation of USB port on the previously-mentioned supported OS (subject to a model) Not compatible with NEC PC-9800 and PC-9821 series In order to install application software for setting, internet environment is required.
<Supported interface standards> USB2.0/1.1
<Connector> Computer: USB-B (female), USB device: USB-A (female)
<Number of knobs to switch presets> 2, each knob has 4 presets
<Number of button> 1
<Other functions> It operates by a standard driver. Settings are saved in the memory in the body.
<Power> USB bus power
<Power-supply voltage>  5.0V
<Size> Width 64mm, Depth 112mm, Height 60mm
<Weight> About 260g
<Operation environment: temperature> 0 to 45 Celsius degrees, humidity 10 to 60% (no condensation)
<Accessories> Instruction, warranty certificate, 4 mounting rubber foot, USB cable
<Country of production> Made in Japan
<Warranty period> 1 year from purchase

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