REVIVE USB Assembly kit


REVIVE USB Assembly kit
Small modular device for the creation of an original USB input device

*This product is an electronics set that requires assembly (including soldering work) by the customer.

*The image is an example, but please be aware that only the main section is included.


Connect to the PC using USB, use specialized software to set operation of 12-pin device (such as mouse clicks or key entry).
Once set, operations can be saved in the internal memory of the module, so when plugged in to a different computer it can be used without having to set it up again.

With the simple setup tool it’s possible for anyone to allocate any action on a mouse, keyboard, or joystick using Windows software. 

Each pin can be set as shown below. Also, mouse functions, keyboard functions, and joystick functions can be mixed.

Mouse functions
mouse movements  up and down wheel scrolls

keyboard functions
can be assigned to any key

joystick functions
X and Y axis information  Buttons 1-12


Product specification
Product Name:REVIVE USB  Assembly kit
Product type number:AD00007
Supported OS:Windows 7 / Vista / XP
JAN code:4560196900189

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