Horizontal Controller EX


The maximum weight of aluminum die-cast body is 460g! Genuine Japanese-made, high-quality paddle controller!
Coming with an infinite rotating paddle, as well as two switches, it is a paddle controller that is an input device,
best suited for such operations as the nostalgic “Breakout”.
It is the long-awaited device that has been upgraded significantly for Paddle Gamers.

The user amply feels the weight of its aluminum die-cast body whose maximum weight is as much as 460g.
It has a four-point rubber foot that gives a sense of stability, never achieved before.
This newly-designed paddle whose large diameter is 40φ, has adopted an exclusive large-scale model by shaving CNC aluminum. Its rotary encoder is manufactured by the highly reliable Nidec Copal Co.Ltd. It is equipped with a non-click infinite rotation model. The main buttons have been manufactured by Precision Industry Co. The 30φ and the 24φ models and key parts are all equipped with Japanese-made materials.


Accommodates USB report rate 1,000Hz, USB full-speed!
It has adopted a USB full-speed mode that runs on USB report rate 1,000Hz to the communication system. It is possible to smoothly transmit data to PC by USB full-speed connection.
There is a built-in flash memory in the body! It is possible to switch the two modes, corresponding to the two-mode setting and It is possible to change to two kinds of preset modes, A and B, at any time.

You can download a free configuration tools.

Using the configuration tools, it is possible to assign the various functions, such as those of the mouse, keyboard and volume control, etc. The setting of each operation is easy for anyone by using an exclusive Windows software that comes with an interface that is intuitively simple to use!


After setting, it is possible to use it not only for PCs, but also for other platforms, such as MAC. It can accommodate not only mouse functions, keyboard functions, but also volume control, etc. Moreover, it is possible to mix these multiple devices.

Mouse functions– mouse pointer movement / left click / right-click / double-click / wheel click, wheel up and down
Keyboard functions –assigning functions to any key include multiple functions, such as Ctrl + any key + any key on the keyboard
Audio control– volume up / volume down / mute /
Fabric USB cable Highly durable fabric cable that does not tangle easily, has been used.
Moreover, noise from the outside is effectively reduced by installing a large ferrite core on the side of the USB connector.


  • Supported interface standards USB2.0/1.1
  • Number of button 2 / Rotary encoder No click,Infinite rotation / Length of cable 1.7m
  • Power-supply voltage 5V
  • Operation environment: temperature 0 to 45 Celsius degrees, humidity 10 to 6 no condensation
  • Country of production Japan / Warranty period 1 year from purchase
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