Current Feedback Type Speaker Amplifier Assembly Kit


Current feedback type speaker Amplifier

*This product is an electronics set that requires assembly (including soldering work) by the customer.

Speakers are supposed to faithfully reproduce the frequency and pressure,
and the current feedback method allows the output to be adjusted for impedance fluctuations
so that all frequencies are output at the optimal level so that the problem of weak lows
or weak highs like one finds on a general voltage-driven amplifier do not occur.

It will become possible to faithfully reproduce the input signal and to bring out lows
and highs that were not originally produced by the amp.

Product specification

Product Name:Current feedback type Speaker Amplifier 
Product type number:AD00026
JAN code:4562469770413
Impedance limits: 16 ohms – 64 ohms  (handles up to 600 ohms of adjusted resistance)
Items included:electrical adapter / manual 

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