Current Feedback Type Headphone Amplifier Assembly kit


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This product is an electronics set that requires assembly (including soldering work) by the customer.

This extremely realistic headphone amp uses a current feedback method to get the most out of headphones.
Using the current feedback method, a sensing resistor provides constant control over the flow of electricity to eliminate the influence of impedance fluctuation.

Without the influence of impedance fluctuations, the headphones recreate a lively and dense sound from low tones to high.

By replacing the resistors of your favorite headphones, it’s possible to set them to get the absolute best quality sound out of them.
Resistance replacement takes place through a socket mechanism, so it’s very simple.
A thin aluminum case is included for transport.

■Product specification

Product Name:Current feedback type portable head phone Amplifier
Product type number:AD00032
JAN code:4560196900387
Impedance limits: 16 ohms – 64 ohms (handles up to 600 ohms of adjusted resistance)
Items included: kit set / eighth-inch stereo cable (male to male) / Manual

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