Bit Touch Capacitive USB touch switch device


Bit Touch


Bit Touch is a capacitive USB touch switch device that responds to touch.

It is tiny, so it can be placed beside a keyboard, behind a desk, on the feet, and more.
Shortcuts can be created freely, so it can be used for everything from work to games.

This device senses the electrostatic capacity (charge) change when the surface of the device is touched with the finger, and because it is capacitive there is not switch sound.

This device is plug & play. Sensitivity adjustment is possible, so it’s possible to set the switch to your desired timing.
Up to 8 units can be connected. Twelve original stickers are included so you will not become lost when using multiple devices.

Product specification

Product name:Bit Touch
Product type number:AD00011
Imput:USB miniB
Size:0.78in×1.18in×0.7mm Protruding parts not included
Waight: 0.02lb  0.317oz
Supported OS:Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Items included:Bit Touch/USB cable 59in / Manual / Original Sticker 12pcs
JAN code :4560196900028

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