‘Anipov’ illumination wheel


‘Anipov’ illumination wheel

anipov4 anipov3

The term “Anipov” comes from “Animation” and “Persistence of Vision.”

By utilizing the afterimage effect of the human eye, it’s an illumination wheel that displays the entire image on a bicycle wheel.
The special point of this product is that one can display one’s own drawing in an animation.

An image created on a PC can be transferred via USB for display.

Logos and characters can be freely displayed, and the advertising effect is powerful!
In the evening it lights up noticeably, and has the added safety effect of making you more visible to cars.
Be the center of attention just by riding!


Items included: ANIPOV x 2 / Magnet frame / Tools for attachment / USB cable / CD-ROM  64 full-color two-sided RGB LED lights (32 one-sided / five stage, with dimming function)
Water- and dust-proof (can be used in rain, but do not submerge)
Power 3 AAA batteries (eneloop rechargeable batteries OK / batteries sold separately)
Operation wheel MTB / city cycle, etc. 26 inch or above (handles 700C load)
Operating environment Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

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