Sound Playback Module Evaluation Board Set


Sound Playback Module Evaluation Board Set

This is the ideal sound module for when you want an embedded device for music and audio effects.
Connecting the device via USB makes it easy to capture sound, and it’s capable of storing four files of up to 90 seconds.
A switch input makes it easy to output.

The body of this sound playback module is compact and optimal for embedding into equipment,
and with two types of playback module evaluation board sets available that can be used by simply connecting speakers,
anyone can easily enjoy sound playback.


This is the “Sound Playback Module Evaluation Board Set.”


By including this product in embedded devices, it becomes easy to attain the sound that you’re looking for.
Also, the sound quality surpasses that of a CD with a sampling rate of over 40kHz, so more than just voice, music and sound effects are possible as well.This sound playback module is perfect for beginners, with pins that allow it to be controlled when connected to microcomputers, Arduino/RaspberryPi, etc.

The supported formats are MP3 / WAV / AIFF / OGG / FLAC and data can be sent to the module easily using a dedicated application.


The dedicated editing application is based on Audacity and features non-destructive sound editing capabilities, making it easy to add effects such as fade-ins and fade-outs at the beginning and end of songs.


The module uses flash memory to store the data sent from the PC, so there is no need for an SD card or USB memory.

The switch inputs allow even beginners to confidently start and stop sounds.
This is the optimal sound module for Iot trials, with output pins for use with microcomputers, Arduino/RaspberryPi, etc.

We’ve prepared a “Sound Playback Module Evaluation Board Set” that includes amplifier and speaker terminals.

■Audio Output Specifications

・Sampling rate: approximately 40 kHz
・Bit depth: 8bit
・Amplifier not included

■Input Specifications

・Switch terminal inputs: 5
・Play song 1
・Status output: 1
・Play status (high when playing, low when stopped)

■Using the settings tool
Prepared PC software
Please download the PC software from our homepage.

The Sound Module is based on “Audacity” for non-destructive sound editing.
For details, please select “Manual” from the “Help” menu, or visit the Audacity home page.

■Capturing sound

Drag the sound file that you would like to record onto the Sound Module.

Supported file formats:


Connect the module to a PC using a USB cable and press the button on the upper left.
Songs can be played from 1-4, starting at the top switch.
The levels will be normalized, the frequencies converted, and monaural conversion will be automatic when recorded.
Please wait for the recording to finish.

If you write more than four songs, it will start over.
When recording, the internal data will replace the settings of the Sound Module.
After four songs have been recorded, if you record another song then songs 2 through 4 will be deleted.

■Uninstalling the PC software

The Sound Module can be uninstalled from the “Program Uninstall” or by choosing “Add/Remove Programs” from the control panel.

■Playback method

Connect power/GND using a USB cable or pins.
Setting the PLAY 1-4 pin switches to Low will cause playback to start.
Setting the STOP PING to Low will cause playback to stop.
The audio output is at LINE levels without amplification, so please use amplified speakers.


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