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Horizontal Controller EX

The maximum weight of aluminum die-cast body is 460g! Genuine Japanese-made, high-quality paddle controller!Coming with an infinite rotating paddle, as well as two switches, it is a paddle controller that is an input device,best suited for such operations as the nostalgic “Breakout”.It is the long-awaited device that has been upgraded significantly for Paddle Gamer.more01-07








Sound Playback Module Evaluation Board Set

This is the ideal sound module for when you want an embedded device for music and audio effects.Connecting the device via USB makes it easy to capture sound, and it’s capable of storing four files of up to 90 seconds. A switch input makes it easy to output.more01-07

This is the body of the sound playback module.






ADIR01PUSB Infrared Remote Controller Advance
USB Infrared Remote Controller Advance is a multifunctional infrared adapter for PCs that fulfills the demand to “set timer on household electronics on PC”and “control PC by a remote control.”more01-07








USB Foot Pedal for Gamers Tone Pedal Plus

USB connection type foot pedal, exactly looking like a guitar effector, now comes on sale. The body made of aluminum die cast, classical knobs and a cool rigid pedal switch are exactly like a classic stomp box used as a guitar effector.more01-07






bittouch1Capacitive USB Touch Switch Device Bit Touch

Bit Touch is a capacitive USB touch switch device that responds to touch.It is tiny, so it can be placed beside a keyboard, behind a desk, on the feet, and more.Shortcuts can be created freely, so it can be used for everything from work to games.more01-07








Illumination Wheel Anipov Displays the Entire Image on a Bicycle Wheel
By utilizing the afterimage effect of the human eye, it’s an illumination wheel that displays the entire image on a bicycle wheel.The special point of this product is that one can display one’s own drawing in an animation.An image created on a PC can be transferred via USB for display.more01-07







REVIVE USB Small Modular Device

This is a Small modular device for the creation of an original USB input device.Connect to the PC using USB, use specialized software to set operation of 12-pin device (such as mouse clicks or key entry).more01-07
Assembly Kit    more01-07




ADU2B01USB to Bluetooth Convert Adapter ” USB2BT “

The “USB2BT” is an easy-to-use adapter that converts USB to Bluetooth.The USB HIDs that you are used to, such as USB keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.,more01-07
Assembly Kit    more01-07





Current Feedback Type Speaker Amplifier
Speakers are supposed to faithfully reproduce the frequency and pressure,and the current feedback method allows the output to be adjusted for impedance fluctuations so that all frequencies are output at the optimal level so that the problem of weak lows or weak highs like one finds on a general voltage-driven amplifier do not occur.more01-07

Assembly Kit   more01-07

1Current Feedback Type Headphone Amplifier  

This extremely realistic headphone amp uses a current feedback method to get the most out of headphones.Using the current feedback method, a sensing resistor provides constant control over the flow of electricity to eliminate the influence of impedance fluctuation.more01-07
Assembly Kit  more01-07

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